Sunday, May 23, 2010

Him, Her, and the Strangely Significant Nobodies, acrylic on board, 2010

Things Thought and Overheard, mixed media, acrylic, and oil on board, 2010

Good Models are Hard to Find, acrylic on board, 2009

Revision Process, Acrylic on Steel, 2010

Xerox Lithography

This is the result of of my xerox lithography attempt for the assignment I mentioned earlier. There is a lot of trial and error involved in the process and each print turns out differently; some are more successful than others. The variation of each print is a quality of the process that I enjoy and I was pretty happy with how this particular print turned out. I definitely plan on trying this process again with other drawings.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rites of Passage, pastel and ink, 2010

This was the first of our subgenre assignments. Having a choice between tribal and graffiti, I chose the tribal subgenre- I had a pretty difficult time wrapping my head around the assignments at first, wondering if the idea was to imitate them or... whatever. Following a lecture by Adam, where he spoke about tribal customs and ritual scarification, I developed a new outlook on the assignment and became excited about the prospect of researching each of these subgenres and then applying concepts from each one to my own ideas. For the tribal assignment, I chose to focus on the ideas of ritual scarification and how people in various tribes would receive these scars during certain stages of life or to mark significant events. I thought about my own "rites of passage" experience and this is what I came up with...

The figure is shown with a number of C-section scars along with marks and bruised from IVs- marks of her childbearing experiences.

Old Fashioned Girl, marker and ink on paper, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Subgenre of Choice- ALL COLOR!

I really struggled with this assignment. To kick off the introduction of color into the class, the assignment was to make a drawing in any subgenre of our choice in any color media. The only catch being- NO using black or white! Ugh. I was completely stumped on this one because I tend to be all about the black, white, and neutrals. I was excited about the "any subgenre" part; I immediately came up with an idea for transhumanism... the only problem being that I was set on doing that one with pen and ink. So that idea was out (I still plan on working on it following finals and I will post the results). Finally, I decided to go with a riot grrrls idea. My original thought was to make a drawing about a "glorified mess" sort of thing. I am constantly getting nagged at because I tend to make a mess. Since I never have any time, getting dressed in the morning or at night tends to result in clothes being left all over the place. My room is usually decorated with several colorful hats, socks, scarves, and sweaters on the bed and floor. My response to the nagging is always something along the lines of "don't tell me what to do!" Rather than a more riot grrls-feel, however, my little colored pencil drawing of a girl undressing and getting ready to throw her shirt with the rest of the clothes that are everywhere looks more like an acid trip.

Biomech Subgenre

This week we studied a number of subgenres including geek, science, sci-fi, biomech, and post-apocalyptic. I chose to make a drawing using some concepts of biomech art. The premise of much biomechanical art is that mechanical principles are applied to living creatures. As in the art of the well known artist, H.R. Giger, this often manifests itself in the violation of humans by machinery or the reluctant fusion of the two.

My dawing, Hospital Nostalgia, was drawn with pen and ink and shows a woman in the middle of a hospital room. I played with the idea of violation by machinery and applied it to my own experiences. This drawing is based on my multiple experiences in the hospital during my two pregnancies. I felt that I had an easy time exaggerated the scene since I had unpleasant feelings associated with my numerous visits. Here, the woman is sick and clutching a garbage can while she is hooked up to IVs, fetal monitor and contraction belts, and a catheter. She is surrounded by IV bags, wires, tubes, monitors, and a trail of fetal readings. There are bruises and bandages visible on the woman from previous IVs, blood tests, and fetal lung development shots (the most painful shot I have ever received in my life). To top it all off, I decided that I wanted the piece to have mid-toned washes to add an old, nostalgic feel to the scene. While, naturally, the scene is exaggerated I did not feel as though I had to stretch my mind far to come up with it.